The Cutest Back-to-School Hairstyles for Teenage Girls

School is back in session and you have everything you need. You scored some stylish outfits, cool new kicks, and all the necessary supplies. You’re well prepared to fill that head with knowledge—but is that head featuring a fresh, new look?

This year, make a statement with your hair as you walk the halls of your middle school, high school or college campus. Need a little inspiration? We’re here for your hairstyle education! Pick your favorite ‘do and Sasha will make it happen!

6 Teen Hairstyles You’ll See in 2019

1. Colorful Hues

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Teens love to express their individuality and nothing does that better than an infusion of color. Whether permanent or temporary, a pop of blue, purple or pink can take any hairstyle up a notch. The alternating hair colors look beautiful when braided and lovely when let down on the back. Depending on your personality, it can reveal the sweet, funky or magical look you desire.

2. Bob and Bangs

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Feeling bold? If your hairstylist agrees that a shorter hairstyle will works well with your face shape, this look will turn heads. Adorable for teenaged girls, this style features a long sweeping fringe that gives more dimension to the bob cut. You can also consider shaving the sides for a funkier look.

3. Braids for Days

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Braids are the classic hairstyle that never goes out of style. If you’re a teenage girl with long hair looking for something more than a simple ponytail or standard braid, go Dutch! At first glance it can seem intricate, but a Dutch braid is completely manageable once you get the hang of it. Unlike the French braid, you’re braiding underneath rather than over, which is why it’s often referred to as an inside-out or reverse braid. You can even glam it up with some cute accessories.

4. Side Pony

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We get it. School is hectic and you may not have the time or energy to style your hair. If you want an easier, stylish option, go for the side pony. You don’t need much time to style it and you can make it look sleek, voluminous, easy or messy.

5. Long Layers and Highlights

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Flattering for all face shapes, long, layered locks with highlights is a timeless hairstyle for teenage girls. Enhance each layer individually by gently wrapping sections around a large-barrel curling iron and curl outward. Then, considering creating extra volume with dry shampoo.

6. Balayage

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Teenage girls yearning for some color dimension and a newer technique should consider balayage. Pronounced bah-lee-ahge, this French word means ‘sweeping,’ whereby your stylist sweeps on a hair lightener to create highlights. By free-hand painting highlights onto your hair, you’ll have a soft and natural gradation of lightness toward the ends.

No matter what hairstyle you’re considering, the stylists at Glen Rock, NJ can make it happen. We realize that your hair is an extension of your personality, so our expert stylists treat it with the utmost care and attention.

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